Plum Jam

£4.90 per 300ml jar

Plums are a type of fruit with a stone or pit. When they are dried, people call them prunes. Both plums and prunes may have many health benefits. Our locally grown New Forest plums are scrummy and even better with a breakfast of yoghurt and cereal or spread thickly on toast bread from the local bakery or made into a sponge pudding.

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benefits of eating jam

As they are also low in fat, Plums have on average 30 calories per fruit. Plums are also a good source of many nutrients such as vitamin A, which is important for:

  • eyesight
  • the immune system
  • reproduction
  • heart, lung, and kidney health

Plums are also rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that:

  • helps the body produce collagen. In addition, vitamin C increases the body’s absorption of iron in the diet and helps the immune system work properly.
  • plums and prunes are good sources of fiber. This nutrient can help promote a healthy digestive system.

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