Pear Jam

£4.90 per 300ml jar

Pear jam is a delicious way to preserve pears for year-round use. Packed with flavour, this locally made pear jam makes a thick jam naturally without added pectin. It is harvested from local orchards.

At harvest time, right as the slightly under ripe pears were picked, a portion of the harvest are diverted to pear preserves as is the case here.

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Did you know?

Homemade pear jam is an old fashioned preserve, popular before commercial pectin became widely available. Unlike apples, which can be stored for longer, pears are generally short-lived fruits. Did you know that If let to ripen on the tree, they’ll actually begin to rot from the inside out? Generally, pears are picked a bit under ripe and you allow them to mature on the counter for a few weeks before eating fresh.


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