About yellow forest

our story

Yellow Forest was started in 2020 in Brockenhurst, New Forest by a sustainable-New Forest obsessed team.
We wanted to combine our love of the area with a commitment to local sustainability and organic artisan produce.

It all began with the encounter of a local producer of preserves and honey sold through local markets and served to our hotel’s guests. We wanted to create a business sourcing locally produced and ethical items that are evocative of the New Forest and lovingly created for you to enjoy at home wherever you are.

Yellow Forest ethically source their ingredients for their products.

our expertise

We source ethically New Forest produce to lift the people’s senses and keep you close to the New Forest.

Something akin to being on a mindful walk in our tranquil and timeless forest.

Where you are relaxed and enjoying some time out from the everyday, breathing in the scents and tasting the flavours of the surrounding nature.


Ensuring our products support local communites and producers

Our products don’t contain anything artificial, and our commitment is that they never will. We believe that all the small things we do add up to make a big difference.

We are always looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on the environment and this is important factor in every step we take.

Yellow Forest are a local artisan producer in the New Forest.


When you buy Yellow Forest, it enables a future for local artisan producers and recognition of their craft.

Great for the producers and the lives of the New Forest communities. Which in turn promotes greater awareness of the New Forest, and the delicate balance between sustainability and eco-tourism.